Fanatik (onBeats) - Soundstate Instrumentals


Release Name: Soundstate Instrumentals (tribute)
Catalog: FKA35

UPC: 727908200423
Label: Intentional Recordings

Release Date: Spring 2016
Main Artist: Fanatik (onBeats)

Guest: Soundstate
Duration: 40:48:71

FB/Twitter: @onbeats

Release Bio:

PRODUCER, onBEATS Art, in any and all its forms, is the truest representation of the soul. To understand an artist and his creations, it hence makes sense to delve deep into the alleys of his mind and at least try to understand his beliefs, inspirations and thought processes that seamlessly blend to give birth to newer creations. Thanks to the social networking sites, taking a peek into the psychology is not that difficult after all. For instance, one of the tweets of music artist and producer OnBeats aka Fanatik reads, ‘Never met a Beat I didn't Break’ thus setting our expectations for something new, unique and almost revolutionary in its nature and appeal.

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Categories | Downtempo | Music | Trip Hop


Filetype: MP3 - Size: 88.37MB - Duration: 38:36 m (320 kbps 44100 Hz)