Basmala by Basmala (Vinyl)


Release Name: Basmala by Basmala (vinyl)
Catalog: PER786

UPC: 727908200478
Label: Preservation Electronic Recordings

Release Date: Spring 2016
Main Artist: Basmala

Guest: Soundstate
Duration: 45:42

FB/Twitter: @bilbasmala

Release Bio:

Basmala is the debut album by the American World Music and Ambient Soul production Basmala, released in 2016 on Preservation Electronic Recordings. The album maintains a hip-hop base and ambient or minimal atmospheric sound, which is the unique signature of Basmala.

A1 - Elastic (intro) ft. Atiq
A2 - Plots ft. Atiq
A3 - RNR
A4 - Chopa Sidi
A5 - The Mount
A6 - Day One
A7 - Accurate ft. Mikial
A8 - Warp Speed

B1 - Just Us ft. Mumblz Medina
B2 - Hijaz part one
B3 - Hijaz part two
B4 - Hijaz part three
B5- The Griot ft. Mikial
B6 - Off The Dribble ft. Atiq
B7 - Method

Categories | Audio | Downtempo | Easy Listening


Filetype: MP3 - Size: 104.6MB - Duration: 45:42 m (320 kbps 44100 Hz)